Follow Our Journey

Welcome to the beating heart of Topia - the 'Follow our Journey' page! This is where dreams are nurtured, challenges are tackled head-on, and victories are celebrated, all in the name of achieving Financial Independence.

At Topia, we firmly believe that Financial Independence is not a solitary journey, but a collective adventure. We're inviting you to join us as we pull back the curtain and give you an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at our progress, our pitfalls, and our triumphs.

But that's not all. Here, you'll also follow the co-founder, Logan, on his personal journey to becoming a successful FIpreneur. Watch in real-time as Logan navigates the exciting world of side businesses, inching closer each day to achieving Cashflow FI. Learn from his experiences, the challenges he encounters, the wins he secures, and the nuggets of wisdom he collects along the way.

We're all about transparency here, and we think your ideas and experiences can make a big difference. We're always learning, just like you, and who knows? Your input might spark our next big move. So go ahead, share your thoughts, toss us your questions. Let's navigate this financial freedom thing together. Get in touch, join in, and let's build this road to Financial Independence side by side!

Journey with Topia

Welcome to the very core of what drives Topia – our unwavering mission to craft the ultimate Financial Independence (FI) app. As we embark on this exhilarating journey, we invite you to be a part of every step, every milestone. Together, we'll celebrate our achievements, navigate through challenges, and relish in the breakthroughs. Our vision isn't just to create another financial app, but to design a transformative tool, tailored to empower you towards achieving unparalleled financial freedom.

Logan's Voyage to CashFlow-FI

Two short years ago, Logan, Topia's co-founder, was looking at a long twelve-year trek to Financial Independence. But when he discovered the dynamism of side businesses and stepped into the world of FIpreneurship, everything changed.

Trading his regular job for entrepreneurial energy, Logan achieved Cashflow FI in an astonishing six months - his side ventures were providing enough income to meet his living expenses.

Follow along as he continues to build new side hustles, turning novel ideas into sustainable income, and carves out a life filled with freedom and fulfillment.