Topia's Build in Public: October Update

October in a Nutshell

  • Failing to execute as a Founder + getting lost in the noise of trying to please everyone

  • FIpreneur community growth - 135 FIpreneurs joined our paid community in October (up from 40 in September). Current MRR: $3.5k

  • Topia App revamp: We’ve been on a whirlwind journey, refining and redefining the Topia app to serve our users better. We're now working towards launching a fully revamped Topia 3.0 which we'll be launching in December.

Dear Topians,

It's been a hot minute since you've heard from me in this format, and for that, I owe you an apology. I once committed to delivering monthly updates via YouTube, but life happened, and I found myself juggling a million things. But as any entrepreneur would tell you, it all boils down to execution. So here I am, hitting the restart button on our monthly rendezvous, and this time, I'm here to stay. I'll keep it 100% real with you, sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of our journey at Topia. So here's your October update:

The Birth of the FIpreneur Community:

The launch of our first FIpreneur cohort was a monumental step for us, with 150 dedicated individuals embarking on accelerating their journey to financial independence through entrepreneurship. We learnt a tonne to say the least; we gained invaluable insights into the areas where our members encountered obstacles and the aspects of our software that needed refinement. These learnings are now the fuel driving our improvements. By understanding where our community and tools fell short, we're making targeted enhancements to ensure that every member can swiftly activate their side business ideas and propel forward with confidence. The surge in growth also caused an exciting boost in our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) to over $3,000

Topia App - A Journey of Rediscovery:

The Topia app's evolution this year epitomizes the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. In our zeal, we found ourselves sprinting to add features, aspiring to meet everyone's needs—a classic early-stage product pitfall. Clarity emerged from these whirlwind efforts: focus is paramount. You cannot be all things to all people and excel. Recognizing this, we hit pause, reassessed, and stripped back to our essence. The outcome is Topia 3.0, a streamlined and more potent FI-specific tracker. This refocus brings us back to our core mission, empowering you to unlock your personal FI journey with ease and clarity

Poised for launch in early December, Topia 3.0 promises to be the focused tool you need to track and accelerate your progress to FI.

Topia 3.0 sneak peaks:

  • Revitalized FI Dashboard: What sets Topia apart? Our unwavering focus on Financial Independence. We’ve revamped our dashboard to reflect this, providing insights on your progress toward FI, Coast FI, Barista FI, geo-arbitrage goals, mini retirements, and more.

  • Zero Bug Policy: We believe in seamless functionality. Expect Topia to run as smoothly as a Swiss train.

  • Robust Open Banking Connections: We’ve invested time and effort to enhance our banking connections, ensuring they are reliable and accurate. Connect more accounts and experience the Topia difference.

The Rollercoaster Ride:

It's been quite a journey over these last eight months. As the one at the helm of Topia, the stretch has been packed with hard work and intense focus, dotted with the usual challenges that keep us on our toes. But that's all part and parcel of steering a ship like ours, right? And now, with Topia 3.0 almost ready to go, there's a real sense of anticipation building up

Calling All Topians:

We have a vision for Topia, and your input is invaluable. We are seeking volunteers willing to hop on a call and provide feedback on some of the new features in Topia 3.0. Your insights are crucial in shaping the future of Topia. You can book in your 20 minute user feedback session here