Topia's Build in Public: November Update

November in a Nutshell

  • Juggling Success & Focus: Balancing the growing demands of my Amazon FBA side biz with the workload at Topia has been challenging. I've been weighing up the immediate benefits (cashflow) of Amazon FBA against the long-term mission and impact of Topia.

  • Topia 3.0: We’re on the brink of unveiling Topia 3.0, complete with enhanced open banking connectivity, real-time progress tracking, and tailored FI milestones.

  • FIpreneur Community: 85% of members are actively building side businesses to accelerate their progress to FI (check out their side biz's here). This progress, alongside a 15% churn rate, has inspired us to revamp our onboarding to boost engagement.

What's Been on My Mind:

November's been a real eye-opener for me. My Amazon FBA businesses are thriving, generating $5k+/month in profits (catch the full scoop here). Now, when I compare this to the immense effort and time invested in Topia, which hasn't seen profits for over two years, it really puts things into perspective. It’s led me to wonder – what if I reallocated those 10+ hour Topia days to Amazon FBA?

But, here's where my heart is – it's with Topia. Despite the financial challenges, my faith in our vision hasn’t dimmed in the slightest. This journey is more than just chasing immediate profits; it's about the passion, the vision, and playing the long game. My commitment to Topia's mission is rock-solid. I firmly believe that with our continued hard work and dedication, we're on track to help millions of people reach FI faster & unlock a life they love.

Topia 3.0 - Almost There!

The countdown to Topia 3.0 is on, and the excitement is palpable. Here’s a sneak peek at what we're about to roll out:

FI Cards: Your personal dashboard for Coast FI, Fat FI, Lean FI, Geo-arbitrage, and Mini-retirements.

These cards are hyper specific to FI and are designed to visually track and celebrate your progress to different FI milestones.

Real-Time Progress Updates: Instant insights on how your path to FI is evolving. It’s dynamic, it’s engaging, and it keeps your goals front and center.

Broader Open Banking Connectivity: The no.1 piece of feedback we get is I can't connect one of my accounts to Topia. So we've doubled down on improving our account connection process.

FIpreneur Community - Learning and Growing:

Since kicking off our first cohort two months ago, it's been incredible to witness the variety and creativity of side businesses our members are building. To highlight a few:

  • Claire is building a self-sufficiency blog

  • Jess building a vegan blog

  • Brady is building a soda stream refill biz

However, in the midst of this excitement, we've faced a 15% churn rate. On delving into this, we discovered a pattern: members were leaving when they couldn’t connect with a side business idea that sparked their passion. This was an eye-opener for us.

In response, we've thoroughly reworked our onboarding process to better ignite that initial excitement and provide clear guidance from day one (take a peek at the new approach below). Our goal is to ensure every member feels the rush of finding an idea they're genuinely excited about, right from the get-go. It's about nurturing that initial spark into a sustainable, thriving business venture.

Calling All Topians:

We have a vision for Topia, and your input is invaluable. We are seeking volunteers willing to hop on a call and provide feedback on some of the new features in Topia 3.0. Your insights are crucial in shaping the future of Topia. You can book in your 20 minute user feedback session here