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What does Financial Independence mean to you?

What would you do if you weren't dependent on your 9-5 paycheque?

Travel the world, pen your novel, or relish family moments?

Financial Independence (FI) is your gateway to this life. By crafting income streams — through investments or passive income — that sustain you, you aren't just saving; you're reclaiming your time. This is the FI movement: purposeful living, on your terms, free from the 9-5 tether.

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Money = Freedom

Your Journey to Freedom: We know that money equals Freedom. Use Topia to seamlessly track and monitor your journey to Financial Independence

Open Banking

  • Effortless Account Integration: Seamlessly and securely integrate all your financial accounts with Topia in just a few minutes.

  • Automatic Balance Refresh: Bid farewell to the hassle of manual updates; Topia keeps your account balances refreshed automatically.

  • Real-Time FI Updates: With everything connected, open banking enables all your financial data and your FI roadmap to update in real-time.

Grant Sabatier


Entrepreneur and international best-selling Financial Freedom author, Grant is the original FIRE success story. Having gone from having just $1 to $1.25m and achieving financial independence by the age of 30, Grant is now on a personal mission to help others live the life the actuallv want.

Logan Leckie


Logan is fanatical about challenging the preconception that you need a 9-5 job to create wealth and that financial freedom only comes once you hit the traditional 65+ retirement age.. After a stint as a corporate banking analyst Logan quit his full time job aged 24 to live life on his terms and empower others with financial freedom.