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What is FI?

What would you do if you weren't dependent on your 9-5 paycheque?

Travel the world, pen your novel, or relish family moments?

Financial Independence (FI) is your gateway to this life. By crafting income streams — through investments or passive income — that sustain you, you aren't just saving; you're reclaiming your time. This is the FI movement: purposeful living, on your terms, free from the 9-5 tether.

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What is TopiaFI?

TopiaFI: Your Fast Lane to a Life You Love

At TopiaFI, we’re on a single, crystal-clear mission: to supercharge your journey to the life you’ve been dreaming of. Created by Grant Sabatier, a renowned figure in the FIRE community, and Logan, our in-house FI fanatic, TopiaFI isn't just a platform – it's your dedicated FI co-pilot, helping you unlock a life on your terms ASAP.

Dive into handpicked content that breaks down the FI journey into bite-sized, easy-to-digest pieces. Explore cutting-edge tools, powered by AI, including our dedicated FI app and tailor-made calculators that transform complex numbers into your personalized roadmap. Tap into resources brimming with expert wisdom, guidance, and a vibrant, supportive community that’s got your back every step of the way.

At the heart of TopiaFI is our unique dual approach: traditional Financial Independence paired with FIpreneurship, an entrepreneurial path that harnesses your passions to craft a profitable side hustle you love. This isn't just about reaching Financial Independence – it’s about accelerating your progress, while building a fulfilling life you love.

How close to FI are you?

CashFlow FI

CashFlow FI is when you have enough passive income through something like a side business, investment portfolio or rental property to cover your monthly expenses.

You need an extra $1,867 per month to be CashFlow FI and quit your 9-5

Traditional FI

Traditional FI is when you have a large enough investment portfolio to cover your monthly expenses. For your expenses of $2,000/mo you'll need a portfolio of $NaN to reach FI.

FI Number
Traditional FI Date
Monthly Savings
Investment Rate


Time to FI


Monthly Investment Return
* Assumes 5% annual return on investment portfolio
* FI Number is based on a 4% safe withdrawal rate

Logan's Journey to CashFlow FI

Logan is Topia's CEO and our FIPreneur community coach. He began his FI journey pursuing traditional FI, dilligently investing in his retirement accounts. After succeeding with his first side business, bagpiping, he quickly realized that CashFlow FI was attainable in months and he was still decades away from saving enough to hit his FI number.


Bagpiper for hire - Leveraging an existing skill, I turned my bagpiping prowess into a profitable weekend side gig


Boat rental - Born from a personal passion for boating, I strategically converted my leisure time on the sea into a thriving weekend boat rental business.


Amazon Seller - I kick-started my Amazon journey with a single product, and within a short span of six months, I was selling five different products on Amazon

Total: $6,500/month

This income is almost completely passive and covers all of my expenses, enabling me to live my life doing what I love.

Join the FIPreneur community

Accelerate your journey to Financial Independence with the FIpreneur community. Connect with like-minded individuals and follow proven paths to start and scale a side business you love.

  • Grant Sabatier as your FI coach
  • Side Business Blueprints
  • Monthly Webinars with Experts
  • AI-Powered Tools and Resources
  • A Tribe of Like-Minded Individuals
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FIpreneurship is the fastest way to freedom


Average time to FI: 6 months

Become a FIpreneur and build front loaded side hustles to unlock freedom in your life immediately.

  • Building businesses is fun
  • More resistant to economic downturn
  • Takes more effort and perserverance
  • Can be difficult to get started


Traditional Path

Average time to FI: 12 years

Work a tradtional job, pinch pennies and invest in your 401k to reach FI slowly via compound interest.

  • Requires less effort but more time
  • Easy to follow and implement
  • Monotonous and repetitive
  • Susceptible to volatile markets

Grant Sabatier


Entrepreneur and international best-selling Financial Freedom author, Grant is the original FIRE success story. Having gone from having just $1 to $1.25m and achieving financial independence by the age of 30, Grant is now on a personal mission to help others live the life the actuallv want.

Logan Leckie


Logan is fanatical about challenging the preconception that you need a 9-5 job to create wealth and that financial freedom only comes once you hit the traditional 65+ retirement age.. After a stint as a corporate banking analyst Logan quit his full time job aged 24 to live life on his terms and empower others with financial freedom.