Tailor Made Hustle

Forge your own adventure by tailoring talents and passions into the ultimate hustle

Upfront Capital

$0 - $500

Avg. Time to make $1,000

90 days

Weekly Time Commitment

6 - 10 hours

Is a Tailor Made Hustle the one for you?

If none of our specialized blueprints have spoken to you, perhaps it's because your path is one that's yet to be discovered.

The "Tailor-Made Hustle" is all about carving out a niche that's uniquely yours. This hustle empowers you to harness your unique talents, passions and ideas, merging them to craft a tailor-made side hustle that perfectly aligns with who you are.

If the idea of pioneering your own venture excites you and you're ready to embrace the freedom it can bring, then the "Tailor-Made Hustle" could be the blueprint you've been waiting for.

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Discover Your Perfect Side Hustle Idea

In this vast world, there are infinite avenues to generate additional income. Whether it's leveraging a talent, investing time into a budding interest, or tapping into a new trend, the possibilities are truly endless. Thousands have carved out unique paths, creating additional income streams, and there's ample space for you too.

Ready to find your niche? Every journey starts with a single, impactful idea that can lead to the freedom you've always desired. We built Athena to help you find that winning idea. Ready to dive in?

Success Stories: Real People Unlocking More Freedom

Caleb - Handyman


Caleb, a carpenter, invested $5,000 to start a handyman business. In just 3 weeks, he had clients. Four years later, with one employee, he earns $40,000 monthly

Mikael - Trucking


At 19, Mikael transitioned from landscaping to truck driving, generating $160,000 in 3 months. A year later, his business averages six figures with a 30% profit margin

Austyn - Essay Writing


Austyn, a 16-year-old, balanced school and business during the pandemic. Using savings from essay-writing, he ventured into flipping items on eBay and Amazon

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