Software as a Subscription (Saas)

Transform your software idea into a recurring revenue stream with a subscription-based model.

Upfront Capital

$0 - $500

Avg. Time to make $1,000

90 days

Weekly Time Commitment

12 - 24 hours

Is a Subscription Software Hustle the one for you?

Ever envisioned creating a software solution that users would happily pay a monthly subscription for? Whether you're a seasoned coder looking to put your expertise into a lucrative project or a non-technical individual keen to leverage the power of no-code solutions, this blueprint is meticulously crafted for you. Here, we’ll guide you step-by-step, from the initial ideation phase to development, and finally to effectively positioning your software in the market. Uncover how to translate your unique idea into a flourishing subscription software business, regardless of your technical prowess. It's time to turn that vision into a tangible and profitable reality.

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Real Hourly Wage

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Discover Your Perfect Software Side Hustle Idea

That perfect software idea, the one that holds the key to consistent revenue and user loyalty, is just around the corner. With Athena by your side, navigating the vast landscape of software possibilities becomes a journey of discovery. Let Athena's insights guide you to that game-changing concept, ensuring you're not only on the right track but also steps closer to realizing your software vision

Success Stories: Real People Unlocking More Freedom

Matt Roelle headshotMatt - Habit tracking app


Matt, a self-taught coder, spotted a niche for an app tracking skill mastery. Just a few months into his venture, he's already earning $50 daily in passive income, with signs of rapid growth.

Christopher headshotChristopher - Snappa


The software as a service aims to help bloggers and content creators make perfectly sized social media graphics or blog images easily and professionally.

Austyn - Essay Writing


Austyn, a 16-year-old, balanced school and business during the pandemic. Using savings from essay-writing, he ventured into flipping items on eBay and Amazon

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