The Story of Topia

Welcome to the Heart of Topia's Mission - Building the Ultimate FI App

Echoing the harmonious sounds of bagpipes and fuelled by entrepreneurial vigor, I'm Logan, and this is the story of how Topia sprang to life. It's a symphony of passion, creativity, and an unwavering pursuit towards Financial Independence.

A Dream Born from Frustration

In 2019, I found myself chained to a corporate cubicle, persistently saving every penny. Yet, despite a savings rate of 48%, Financial Independence (FI) remained over a decade away. The idea of spending another ten long years in an uninspiring routine was disheartening. I knew there had to be an alternative path.

Turning Passion into Freedom

I was unwilling to wait for a decade to embrace financial freedom. That's when my bagpipes sang a different tune. A unique talent transformed into a lucrative side business, generating an additional $750 monthly. The result? An astonishing three years shaved off my journey to FI. Next, I plunged into the world of Amazon FBA, tripling my income, and halving the time to FI.

The moment my side business income equalled my monthly expenditure, I experienced a revelation — I had accomplished Cashflow FI.

The Birth of Topia

Traveling the globe, growing my side hustles with the help of a laptop, life was thrilling. Yet, something was missing. I knew I had the power to help others unlock FI faster.

Thus, the concept of Topia was born.

With the invaluable support of Grant Sabatier, a legend of the FIRE movement, we began crafting Topia — an app designed to illuminate the extent of financial freedom you could possess and the paths to accelerate your journey.

Topia's Mission: Unlocking Your Financial Freedom Faster

To unlock this mission, we started building Topia around the below 3 pillars:

  • Enable people to recognize the extent of freedom they've already unlocked

  • Help you accelerate your progress by starting and scaling a fulfilling side hustle

  • Facilitate the seamless tracking of your progress towards FI

Join Us on this Exciting Journey

As we embark on this adventure of building the ultimate FI app, we invite you to join us. This section of our website will be your window into Topia's world, as we chronicle our triumphs, challenges, and breakthroughs.

Every week, we'll share insights into what we're working on, the hurdles we're overcoming, and what's coming ahead on our roadmap.

So, take a seat, tune into the bagpipe melodies if you wish, and follow along. Together, we're not just creating an app; we're crafting a movement that empowers you to live life on your terms.